Estoy en Madrid!

As 2014 slides into the past, and the possibilities of 2015 emerge; I have found myself sitting in a hotel lobby in Madrid, Spain. I’m studying abroad in the beautiful city of Bilbao this semester and luckily my programs orientation is in Spain’s capital of Madrid. After two flights, a fluctuation of emotions, and over 3000 miles it is clear to me now why I made the decision to study in another country.

For some time studying abroad was a necessity for me, and in reality I never really thought of what I was actually doing. I had told myself for months and years that I needed to go abroad, but this idea was never exactly thought together fully. It seemed as if my decision was fueled by my subconscious, and the actual magnitude of the situation never hit me until the the 767 flight to Madrid from JFK started its engines and lifted briskly to 36,000 feet hovering over the Atlantic Ocean. On the flight I found myself surrounded by the constant conversation of Hispanic families, and at that point I became hooked. I guess in an adventure like this most people will have a few doubts about their decision as they start. When saying goodbye to family and friends, a flurry of questions rang in my head. Can you do this? Is this the right thing to do? Right place? Right time? and finally the question: Why are you doing this?

I had a great deal of time to think about these questions and step closer to their answers. The moment I knew that embarking on this adventure was the best decision I could’ve ever made was when I looked outside and caught my first glimpse of Europe. Now, my decision went from an idea or thought to a physical form, I’m here now. The change in time meant that my flight were to land in Madrid early in the AM, and I was welcomed to Europe with a truly remarkable sunrise. Maybe I was in shock, but the color in the sky looked different than that at home. I could see the Pyrenees Mountains and paired with the snow-capped peaks was the most beautiful shade of red and orange I’ve ever seen. It was like the sky was on fire, and then I knew that taking the leap of faith and leaving home would help me in becoming the individual I strive to be.

I decided to write this blog not for an audience, but rather to have my adventures documented in such a way that looking back on them would easily highlight the transformation I’m about to endure. Also, I want my family and closest friends to be able to live vicariously through my writing, and blogging is the easiest way to achieve that. This is only the beginning, but what a beginning it has been!

Adios Amigos!

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